About Us

SENCER stands for Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities, a national academic organization (SENCER.net) and signature program of the National Center for Science and Civic Engagement (NCSCE) . SENCER Hawaiʻi supports service learning initiatives and collaborative opportunities for informed problem solving. To achieve our goals, we integrate solution-based engagement teaching methods to offer insight into the increasingly complex social and scientific issues that confront us. Traditional Hawaiian values align closely with SENCER’s ideals and objectives for sustainability and stewardship of our community.



SENCER is the longest continuously funded science education project in the National Science Foundation (NSF) history. It is the signature program of the National Center for Science and Civic Engagement –NCSCE.


SENCER Center for Innovation-West (SCI-West) offers expertise, local support for members of the SENCER community, and meetings and workshops to complement national SENCER Summer Institutes and Washington Symposia. SCI-West and its leaders have been instrumental in inspiring, developing, and solidifying SENCER Hawaiʻi.


We use both natural and indigenous sciences along with social science theories to excite and encourage an interdisciplinary approach to solving our most complex issues. Traditional Hawaiian values align closely with SENCERHawaiʻi’s ideals and objectives for sustainability and stewardship of our community.

Our Vision

SENCER Hawaiʻi increases interest in STEM education and creates a strong community of students, faculty and administrators through its initiatives, resources and collaborative networks… communities of transformation.

Our Passion

We provide policy makers with reliable evidence and informed perspectives on issues confronting our community. The hard work and shared values of the SENCER community of Hawaiʻi has led to Hawaiʻi being chosen as the first SENCER model STATE. We believe its everyone’s KULEANA (responsibility and role) to expand civic capacity.